The text: Len White

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Highlights of work developing pipelines for feature films and commercials.

For full film production list: Me on IMDB

Spiderman 2: Swinging over buildings and cars
Spiderman 2 Environment Team

I co-developed a lighting, animation, and compositing pipeline for the cars and people filling the streets as Spiderman swung overhead. I worked for about a year and half on the film on the environment team.

Ghostrider movie poster
Ghost Rider

I co-developed and refined a lighting and compositing pipeline early on and througout production.

Poster for Polar Express
Polar Express 3D

I co-developed a pipeline for automating the stereoscopic version of the film under intense time and resource constraints.

Poster for Stuart Little 2
Stuart Little 2

As a technical lead I helped develop a talking animal pipeline for blending CG face shapes with live-action animal imagery.