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Painters Wheel GUI

What it is

Painters Wheel is a FREE plugin for Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 and higher that lets you choose foreground and background color in a new way. I wrote it for digital painting since I didn't love Photoshop's color selectors.

Instead of the existing approaches, Painters Wheel presents a hue wheel and saturation/value triangle that updates as colors are selected by image picking or any other color change operation in photoshop.

Similarly, picking choosing a color from Painters Wheel updates the active colors in Photoshop.

How to Use It

Basic Color Selection

Click and drag on the hue wheel or the saturation/value triangle. As you drag the "dog ear" triangle in the upper left will split into two colors. One half will be the original color (before dragging) and the other half will be the current color you're dragging to. When you release the mouse button it will finalize the color change, the dog ear will change entirely to the new color and Photoshop's color tools will also be updated to the new color.

Dynamic SwatchBar - A Custom Color Scale

Those gray rectangles along the bottom are swatches that you can click on to select the displayed color. The starting colors are 4 colors ranging from white to black.

However, by click on the small white triangle on the upper right of the SwatchBar, the range of colors will change to go from your current foreground to current background color.

By clicking on the tiny "+" and "-" symbols on the left side of the SwatchBar you will increase or decrease the number of steps between the start end end colors. The SwatchBar will dynamically recalculate the color scale.

History Arrows - Moving to Previously Selected Colors

At the very top middle of the palette are two arrows and a circle. The arrows move you forward and backward through the history of colors you selected with PaintersWheel (it doesn't include those colors selected in other ways in the history). Clicking the circle will clear the history .

Advanced Moves

Option click on any color and it will set Photoshop's background color instead of foreground.

How To Install

The download (see below) will create a folder. Inside the folder is a ReadMe file that explains the simple copy-and-drag installation on Windows and Mac.



To Download Visit HERE

Painters Wheel needs your support! Donate $5 or more and become my hero. I'll also add special features just for you if you ask nicely!